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Knowsley Road Juniors - Knowsley Road

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king kenny
Mon, 27 Aug 12, 9:15.
i attended here approx 1945 to 1948.miss henty was headmistress,remember miss foggo,and pupils i recall,barbara heaton,janice taylor. i left and went central modern
Sun, 18 Mar 12, 22:53.
I attended Knowsley Rd in the 50's. I do remember a lovely teacher named Mrs Hamilton. I also remember Mrs Wallace, Mrs Heaton & Mr Lilley.
Fri, 10 Feb 12, 22:57.
I attended here 1974-78 and I remember we all had to have a washbag in school and have a wash before lunch, I moved school in the juniors and they didnt do that, think it was only Knowlsey rd.

Knowsley Road schoolboy
Sun, 24 Apr 11, 11:29.
Mrs Foster, Miss Hotchkiss, Mrs Billingham, Mrs Wallace and Miss Fogo were my teachers from 1945 to 1950. Miss Henty was the headmistress and two other teachers were Miss Travis and Joe Welsby.
I enjoyed the old place so much that I drew on things from those times in my novel "One Winter" including something that Ray French once did that I got blamed for!
Wed, 2 Mar 11, 19:33.
Mr Lilley was still head in 1971, ably assisted by Mr Mavity who once rulered me for sending rude letters! The playground was tiny but managed to accomodate us all and we had to walk down Knowsley Road and cross over to have our lunch. We always had a strong swimming team and often won the St Helens Trophy. Happy days!
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Wed, 16 Feb 11, 21:03.
I went to Knowsley Road in 1961-1963. The headmaster was Mr Lilley and the teachers I can remember where Mrs Wallace, Mrs Heaton, Mr Gaskell and Mr Greenhall. I have a photograph somewhere with the school me in the school swimming team. I will try and find it and then if there is anyone else on it that you recongnise you can let me know. Also so pics of the school holiday week in London, if I can find them I will put them on.
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Mon, 14 Feb 11, 20:17.
I attended 1951 to 1953. Headmistress was Miss Henty (lived just a few doors away from Lingholme pub in Boundary Road) whose sister of the same name taught piano. Teachers' names I remember were Miss Foggo, Mr Welsby and Mr Bellis
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