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St Helens Connect: church List - St Lukes, Knowsley Road - C of E
St Lukes, Knowsley Road - C of E

vonnie 1 saidMy memories of St Lukes was attending sunday school with my cousin June Parr. I was so pleased I couldn`t wait to tell my teacher the following morning. When I did I got a real good telling off. The reason being I was R.C not C of E. I never went back to St Lukes.!! I was only 6 by the way.
Olliebeak saidOne of my dad's cousins taught there in the 50's. Her name was Miss (Molly) Walker and she lived further along Knowsley Road where the houses backed onto the Triplex Railway Line - close to where the Crispy Cod is now.
Olliebeak saidoops that comment should have gone in the school's section - sorry.

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